Diana A. Clarion (dclarion) wrote in letsgobrowns,
Diana A. Clarion

I Was Asking Mike Snyder

Yesterday, I got through to Mike Snyder, on the post-game show, and I asked him if he had any ideas on what the Browns coaching staff might do to improve performance inside the opponents' 10-yard line.  Of course, this was a call-in show, so we couldn't spend any great amount of time on this one call, so he didn't have much to say, but I'll put the question to you folks:

Do any of you, especially those who might have some practical football experience, have any ideas of what exercises/simulations might help the offense improve their performance in the "red zone"?  I come from the NASA tradition, where you would practice a lunar landing, for example, over and over while SimSup (the Simulation Supervisor) would insert problems and emergency conditions into the simulation and observe your responses.  Could the offense spend a couple of days in Berea scrimmaging with the defense from the 8 or 2 yard line?  Is the defense good enough to offer a fair simulation of field conditions?  Would players balk at such concentrated effort?

The Browns' major problems have historically been penalties and scoring from close-in.  Now that the penalty problem may be on its way to resolution, it's surely time to work on the "red zone".
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